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In 1999, Chermac Energy Corporation began work on alternative energy wind development in the State of Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, Chermac Energy Corp. has acquired over 90,000 acres of wind lease and easement rights in Harper, Dewey and Texas counties. In Texas, Chermac Energy Corp. has acquired over 35,000 acres of wind lease and easement rights in the panhandle. In New Mexico, Chermac Energy Corp. has acquired over 16,000 acres of wind lease and easement rights. In Kansas, Chermac Energy Corp. has acquired over 14,500 acres of wind lease and easement rights. Chermac Energy Corp. was the original developer of the Oklahoma Gas and Electric 120 MW Centennial Wind Farm and the Edison Mission 94.5 MW Sleeping Bear Wind Farm in Harper County, Oklahoma, both completed in 2007. Additionally, Chermac completed development of the Edision Mission 19 MW Buffalo Bear Wind Farm (entered service in 2008), as well as the Edision Mission 130 MW Taloga Wind Farm scheduled for commercial operation in 2011. Other planned projects for 2012-2015 include a total of 2940 MW projects in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Kansas.

Chermac Energy Corp. applied the same principles for wind energy that were applied for oil/gas exploration: commercially productive location, interconnection and transmission availability, surface owner acceptance of energy production from their property and cost effective project management. Chermac Energy Corp. has acquired the most state-of-the-art wind farm design software available, as well as established relationships with many engineering and technical service companies to provide a "complete wind development" package for its projects. Chermac Energy Corp. has worked in development of precise financial models to provide a complete in-depth economic analysis of each project. Other relationships established by Chermac Energy Corp. during the preconstruction phase to bring the projects to operation include GE, ABB, CEG, Vestas, Suzlon, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, C.H. Guernsey, Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative, and Southwest Power Pool.

Chermac Energy Corp. and its team of professional consultants, is in the process of developing up to 2,000 MW of additional wind nameplate capacity in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas in the next five years. Chermac Energy Corp. maintains $20,000,000 in liability insurance for wind operations.

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