Chermac Energy Corporation

Biographies of Key Personnel

Jaime Lyle McAlpine. P.E.

Since 1982 has acted as Petroleum Engineer and President of Chermac Energy Corporation. Since 1999, has provided management, financial analyses, land acquisition, technical design and contract negotiations for wind developments.

Oil and gas responsibilities include engineering and management of oil and gas properties throughout Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle. Drilling/completion design and site engineering for wells up to 20,000'. Design and implementation of waterfloods. Expert petroleum engineering witness testimony. Engineering design, construction and maintenance of liquid and gas pipelines. Product contract negotiation and engineering audit of gas sales contracts. Tertiary recovery and CO2 designs.

From 1979 to 1982 was Petroleum Engineer for Willis Exploration, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Responsibilities included engineering and management of oil and gas properties throughout Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle as well as drilling/completion design and site engineering for wells up to 9,000'. Expert witness testimony at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, engineering design, construction and maintenance of liquid and gas pipelines and product contract negotiation and engineering audit of gas sales contracts.

Graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1979 with a B.S. Degree in Petroleum Engineering Technology. Completed Hazwoper Technician Training in 2004 and has been a registered engineer by Oklahoma State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors since 1986 as Professional Engineer No. 14404. Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers and the American Wind Energy Association.

Cheryl L. McAlpine

Since 1982, Chief Financial Officer of Chermac Energy Corporation. Responsibilities include all internal accounts payable, accounts receivable, and project specific accounting. Other responsibilities include insurance administration and office management. Attended University of Central Oklahoma, majoring in Accounting.

Kyle B. Hadwiger, J.D.

Since 1999, has served as Counsel for Chermac Energy Corporation in wind development. Responsibilities include all legal aspects of wind projects including contract negotiations, title curative responsibilities and legal opinions for corporate actions. Admitted to Oklahoma Bar in 1985. Received B.S. degree from Oklahoma State University in 1982 and J.D. in 1985 from the University of Tulsa.

Gregory D. Adams

Since 1999 has served as Technical Advisor for wind development for Chermac Energy Corporation. Lifelong resident of Harper County with cattle and real estate business interests. His responsibilities include wind data acquisition, verification of independent data engineering provided by outside sources, wind farm design and analyses. Other responsibilities include land negotiation and outside wind project evaluation.

Graduated Oklahoma State University, 1980 with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Technology. Also certified WindProII operator by EMD International A/S since June 2006. Received continuing IP based training from ESRI for ArcView GIS program since 2005. WindProII advanced operator training June 2007. Member of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council and the American Wind Energy Association

Charles Waswo, J.D.

Since 2001 serves as Land Manager for Chermac Energy Corporation. Responsibilities include title review and land negotiation. Other activities include ranching/farming agricultural activities in Kingfisher and Logan Cos., Okla. Admitted into Oklahoma Bar Association in 1991. Also admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Received a B.S. (1972) and M.S. (1973) in Industrial Engineering from Oklahoma State University and a J.D. from Oklahoma City University in 1981.

Doug Coats

Since 2007 has served as Construction Advisor for wind development for Chermac Energy Corporation. His responsibilities include site review, project construction cost estimation, wind farm civil design, and construction project cost validation. Other responsibilities include land negotiation and outside wind project construction review. From 1996 thru mid-2006 served as Senior Construction Manager for Renewable Energy Systems, Austin, TX and from mid-2006 until joining Chermac in 2007, held same position with Signal Wind Energy LLC, Chattanooga, TN and was responsible for over 1,500 MW of wind farm construction in Texas, Nebraska, Vermont and Jamaica. Received B.S. in Construction Science from Texas A&M University in 1979.

Our History

Chermac Energy Corporation was incorporated under the laws of the State of Oklahoma in 1982 to provide services in petroleum engineering and oil/gas lease property operations. Chermac Energy Corporation is a Registered Petroleum Engineering firm in the State of Oklahoma since 1996. Due to the volatility of oil and gas prices, Chermac Energy Corporation has continued to diversify its holdings. In 1987, Chermac Services Corporation, a precision measurement calibration laboratory was opened and in 1999, Chermac Energy Corporation started development of renewable energy wind projects in Oklahoma.

Petroleum Practice

Chermac has acquired, developed, and reviewed oil and gas properties in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle for 26 years. Its experience includes complete drilling and completion engineering services for those areas. In 2006, Chermac was responsible for $15 million in drilling/recompletion proposals and/or workovers for its clients. Chermac has designed, constructed, and maintained pipelines for high gas pressure, low gas pressure, as well as salt water. Chermac has been responsible for the day-to-day engineering operations for over 500 wells for its clients that had daily production of over 55 MMCFGD and 2,000 BOPD. Chermac has been responsible for waterflood design and implementation for secondary recovery projects (largest 130 wells +/- with 650 BOPD and 16,000 BWPD productions). Chermac's experience also includes auditing of existing gas purchaser statements and gas measurements for verification of quality of gas sales. Chermac has provided expert engineering witness testimony at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and other legal bodies relating to properties in Oklahoma. Chermac also provides reservoir engineering evaluation for producing and non-producing properties in Oklahoma. Chermac maintains $2 million in liability insurance for its oil and gas services. Presently, Chermac is acquiring potential secondary and tertiary recovery projects as well as working on CO2 injection and sequestration opportunities in Oklahoma.

Wind Practice

In 1999, Chermac began work on alternative energy wind development in the State of Oklahoma. Chermac has acquired over 100,000 acres of wind lease and easement rights in Oklahoma, over 70,000 acres in Texas, 13,000 acres in Kansas and over 20,000 acres in New Mexico representing approximately 3,000 MW of nameplate capacity that it intends to develop over the next five years. Chermac was the original developer of the Oklahoma Gas & Electric 120 MW Centennial Wind Farm, the Edison Mission Energy 94.5 MW Sleeping Bear Wind Farm both completed in 2007 and the Edison Mission Energy 19 MW Buffalo Wind Farm that was completed in 2008, all in Harper County, Oklahoma as well the Edison Mission 130 MW Taloga I Wind Farm in Dewey County, Oklahoma, completed Spring 2011. Chermac has secured the services of WeatherBank, Inc. to provide verification certification of the company's wind data.

The same principles were applied to wind energy development that applies to oil/gas exploration: commercially productive location, interconnection and transmission availability, surface owner acceptance of energy production from their property, and cost effective project management. Chermac has acquired the most state-of-the-art wind farm design software (WindPro) available as well as established relationships with many engineering and technical service companies to provide a "complete wind development" package for its projects. Chermac has worked in development of precise financial models to provide a complete in-depth economic analysis of each project. Other relationships established by Chermac during the preconstruction phase to bring the projects to operation include GE, ABB, CEG, Vestas, Suzlon, Pioneer Telephone, Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group, White Construction, Enercon, Arcadis, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, C.H. Guernsey, Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative, Western Electric Coordinating Council and Southwest Power Pool.

Chermac maintains $20,000,000 in liability insurance for its wind development activities.